ForteWEB Overview

ForteWEB sizing software provides design solutions for floor, wall, and roof members based on the sizing information you enter. Design solutions analyze product depths, widths, and number of plies for spans and loads specified.

Using ForteWEB software, you can:

  • Set up a job which can contain one or more members
  • Enter sizing information for members
  • Design the members using Weyerhaeuser® products
  • Review the calculated results and product solutions
  • Save product solutions
  • Print the Member report

ForteWEB software is used to single size members in a structure. ForteWEB software is a flexible and versatile tool that allows architects, engineers and Weyerhaeuser dealers to quickly size a single joist, beam, or header for use in floor and wall applications.  The dynamic graphic instantly reflects member information by displaying multiple spans, supports, loads, and holes.

Using our proprietary design methods, the ForteWEB software selects the most economical product for Weyerhaeuser joists, beams, and headers. It also provides optimum on-center spacing for Weyerhaeuser joists, and includes information about appropriate accessories and hangers. ForteWEB software is designed for use in residential structures.