The User dropdown in ForteWEB® contains the User Profile dialog, Settings dialog, Materials Manager, and the Logout function.

User Profile

The User Profile contains the basic operator information that was supplied by the user after registering ForteWEB. All information except the email address can be updated at any time. Since the email address is tied to your registration, this cannot be edited.

Your name, company, and phone number will be displayed in the ForteWEB Software Operator box on the printed Member report.

You can also change your password in the User Profile dialog in the Change Password section. You will need to enter your current password in the Current Password field in order to verify the account. Then, enter your new password in the New Password field. Passwords are required to be at least six characters long, contain an uppercase letter and a number. After re-entering your new password in the Confirm Password field, click Change Password.


The General settings for ForteWEB contain options for Displayed Units of Measure, Material List Rounding and Product Comparison.

Displayed Units of Measure control the format in which your dimensions will be displayed both in the UI and on Member reports, even though you may continue to enter dimensions using any of these four methods.

  • Feet Inches Sixteenths (10 6 8)
  • Feet Fractional Inches (10' 6 1/2")
  • Feet Decimal Inches (10' 6.5")
  • Metric (mm, kN, kPa)

Material List Rounding is a drop-down menu to adjust how the member length is displayed in the Material List Report found on the Job Summary tab. For Imperial, there are 3 options: None, Nearest Whole Foot, and Nearest Even Foot. None is the default, which represents no rounding - the exact overall member length will display in the report. Nearest Whole Foot will round the member length to the nearest whole foot (Example: 14' 7" member would become 15'). Nearest Even Foot will round the member length to the nearest even foot (Example: 14' 7" member would become 16'). For Metric, the only option is None, meaning the exact overall member length will display in the report.

Product Comparison by Cost Index is a comparison based on the implied cost differences between products and allows you to compare one product against another.  For wood products, a lower wood volume indicates a lower cost. In the future, you will also have the ability to compare solutions based on Pricing from Materials Manager.

Removing the check for the Display Material Availability for my region setting allows you to turn off the tools and highlighting associated with Material Availability.

If you do not wish to see Suggested Products on your Solutions tab, remove the check for Include Product Suggestions during design.

If you wish to see Total Load on the Member Report for supports, remove the check for Display Factored Loads instead of Total Loads.

If you do not wish to see the Maximum Utilization % (Max UTIL %) on the Job Summary report, remove the check for Display maximum utilization % (Max UTIL %) in Job Summary table.

Reset All Job Defaults is also found under Settings.  This is where you will reset ALL defaults saved for each member type in the job.

The Quick Loads tab is where you can add, delete and edit your Quick Loads.