Materials Manager

Clicking the Materials Manager icon brings you to the ForteWEB® Materials Manager page. Materials Manager allows you to specify what products will be available for selection in the Products filter on the Product Selection tab. You can do this by manually making changes to the material list, or by utilizing Material Availability.

If you want to make changes manually, you select the product category you wish to work on in the left-hand column (TimberStrand, Premium Lumber, etc.), then expand the Product group you wish to filter by clicking on the arrow to the left of the name. Using the check boxes you may turn the available Product series on and off, as well as the specific sizes underneath them. Un-checking a main Product series branch such as TJI 110, 1 3/4" 2.0E Parallam PSL. etc. turns off all the sizes under that branch.

Changes made using Material Availability will update your list to turn off the materials that are highlighted as Unavailable and Special Order based on the zip code displayed in the field at the top right. By default, it will display the zip code from your user profile. If you want to see availability for another region, you can change the zip/postal code in the field shown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and the Unavailable and Special Order products will be updated based on the new location. To update your material list based on Material Availability, select the Reset Selections button at the top of the screen. A dialog will open that will tell you what materials will be turned on and what materials will be turned off.

If you do not wish to see Material Availability tools (highlighting, icons, messaging) it can be turned off in User> Settings.

Note that some products will not be available for design depending on your selected building code.

In the future, you will be able to assign material lists to teams, and add pricing to materials to be used for sorting.