The Job Settings Tab

When you begin a new job in ForteWEB you have the option of changing the job settings listed below.  These settings apply only to that particular job, however, you can use the Save as Default button located at the top right of the screen to retain these settings for every new job you enter.

All Job Settings except the Building Code can be changed at any time, but will require a redesign of the member.

Building Code
Select a building code on which members will be calculated:

  • IBC: International Building Code (United States), uses Allowable Stress Design (ASD) methodology
  • NBCC: National Building Code of Canada, uses Limited States Design (LSD) methodology

For more information on Building Codes, see the Building Code topic.

Connector Manufacturer
Select the Manufacturer for the hangers to be used in the design solutions:

  • Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors, Inc.
  • USP Structural Connectors

Load Duration Factors
Will only be available when using the IBC Building Code. Load Duration Factor, or LDF, is based on the ability of wood to recover after a reasonable load has been applied for a given time. These factors can only be changed on the Job Settings tab.  The values set here will display on both the Loads Tab and the Member Report.

For more information on Load Duration Factors and its use in the NBCC, see the Load Duration Factors topic.

Job Notes
Job notes cascade and will be displayed on every printed member report in the job file. It will not display on the Report tab.

Design information provided by
This field can be used to identify individuals who have provided information for the project and will display on the printed Member Report. If this field is left blank, it will simply display 'ForteWEB Software Operator'.

Zip/ Postal Code
This field determines Material Availability for the current job that will be displayed on the Product Selection and Solutions tabs. By default the value shown will be the zip/ postal code from your User Profile.  This field will remain even if Material Availability is turned off in User> Settings.

It is important to note that the product selections made in Materials Manager will influence the available products for Material Availability at the job level, meaning, if a product is turned OFF/ unchecked in Materials Manager, but is available in the zip/postal code used on the Job Settings tab, it will not be available for display in the Product Selections tab.