The Roof Geometry Tab

The Roof Geometry tab allows you to input simple dimensions, roof slopes, and loading information that will automatically define the properties of a hip or valley beam, including the member pitch (which is disabled on the Member tab), span lengths, and the appropriate loading. The information entered on this tab automatically calculates the values displayed on the Spans and Supports and Loads tabs.

After entering any three values for Roof Slope and side lengths, the fourth value will be automatically calculated. Entering one overhang value for a hip member will automatically calculate the other. In order to maintain roof geometry you will be unable to edit these values.

If your Hip or Valley Beam has an intermediate support you can add it by checking the box for Include in the Intermediate Support section.

At any time, you can select Clear Roof Values to clear the input for Slopes and Dimensions ONLY.

In the top right corner of the tab is the Save as Default button.  This will save the Type, Loading information, Intermediate Support information, High End Support selection, and roof values as default settings for future jobs.

You can return to your original settings by going to User>Settings and clicking on the Reset All Job Defaults button. This will reset all your saved defaults for each Member Type as well as your Job and Level Settings. This command will NOT affect any settings shown in the Settings dialog.