The Floor Performance Tab

You can only enter floor performance information for a floor joist member. If you are sizing a member that is not a floor joist, the Floor Performance tab is disabled.

User Specified TJ-Pro™ Rating
Select the floor performance rating that you desire using any of the following options:

  • Minimum TJ-Pro Rating: Select the minimum value for your rating using a sliding scale. You can select a value in multiples of five.
  • Any TJ-Pro Rating: Check this box if you don't want to use TJ-Pro Rating as a design parameter. This value is calculated by ForteWEB software but will not be used to pass or fail a product.
  • User Defined: Enter the minimum value for your rating in the text box.
  • For more information on floor performance and the TJ-Pro Rating, see the Floor Performance Information topic within Help.  Additional information can be found on the Weyerhaeuser site here.

Note: Minimum TJ-Pro Rating and User Defined do not allow a value less than 20, or greater than 70. If your design TJ-Pro Rating results are below the minimum value you choose, the product will fail due to floor performance.

Decking Attachment Method
Specify how the decking is attached to the top of the floor joists:

  • Glued and Nailed
  • Nailed Only

Decking Type
Specify the type of decking/sheathing material to use:

  • 19/32" Structurwood Edge® (20" Span Rating)
  • 23/32" Structurwood Edge® (24" Span Rating)
  • 19/32" Structurwood Edge Gold® (20" Span Rating)
  • 23/32" Structurwood Edge Gold® (24" Span Rating)
  • 7/8" Structurwood Edge Gold® (32" Span Rating)
  • 1 1/8" Structurwood Edge Gold® (48" Span Rating)
  • 19/32" Panels (20" Span Rating)
  • 23/32" Panels (24" Span Rating)

Strapping Type
Strapping is directly attached to the bottom of the floor joists and runs across multiple joists. Specify the type of strapping to use:

  • 1x4 Flat
  • 2x4 Flat
  • Strongback

Ceiling Type
Specify the type of ceiling to use:

  • None
  • Suspended Ceiling panels suspended from floor joists using wires or metal brackets
  • 1/2" Gypsum Panels attached directly to the bottom of floor joists
  • 5/8" Gypsum Panels attached directly to the bottom of floor joists

Bridging/Blocking Between Floor Joists
Specify whether there is bridging and blocking between floor joists.

Perpendicular Partitions
Specify whether floor joists are supporting partition walls running perpendicular to joists.

Pour Flooring Overlay
Specify whether flooring overlay is to be poured concrete.

Save as Default
At the top right corner of the tab is the Save as Default button. This will save the specified Pro-Rating, Decking selections, and Modifier selections as default settings for future members.

You can return to your original settings by going to User>Settings and clicking on the Reset All Job Defaults button. This will reset all your saved defaults for each Member Type as well as your Job and Level Settings. This command will NOT affect any settings shown in the Settings dialog.