Using the Job Tree

The Job Tree provides the flexibility to organize the project in a manner that suits your needs best.  With customizable level and member naming, you can choose to work within building levels, for example, first floor and second floor, or by areas based on design information such as marble flooring, residential over commercial, and so on. Multiple calculations can be stored in one file.

To better accommodate Jobs, Levels, or Members with long names, you can expand the Job Tree by dragging the right edge. The size of the Job Tree will be retained session to session.

To Add a Level

You can have multiple levels within one job file. You can organize them however you need - by floor, by system type, and so on. For example, you can put all floor joists in one level, or you can set up each level to represent a floor in a structure.

To add a level, click Add Level . Adding a level starts a new Level branch on the Job Tree.

Selecting a Level in the Job Tree activates the Level Properties tab so that you may edit the properties for that level.

To rename a level, hover over the level you would like to rename until the Edit icon appears. Click the Edit icon, and the Level name will automatically highlight so that you may begin typing the new name. Press Enter, or click outside of the text field to save your new level name.

To delete a level, select the level you want to delete and click Delete. You will only be able to delete levels that do not contain any members.

To Add Members

ForteWEB adds a member to the level on the Job Tree currently selected. For example, if you've been working on the First Floor level and you add a member, the new member automatically gets placed on the First Floor level. You can add members by clicking on the Add Member .

You can also copy an existing member within a level by selecting the member you wish to duplicate and then clicking Copy Member .  The new member will belong to the same level as the member from which you copied.

Members can be moved within their level or from one level to another by dragging and dropping. Levels cannot be moved.

For information on the member types available, see Member Types.