The Report Tab

The Report tab becomes available after product selection and displays the design results for the products you selected. The Report tab displays in detail how the member was sized and the details on why the member passed or failed.

If you have selected an item that is flagged as Special Order on Unavailable, you will also see a note in the corresponding color across the top (orange for Special Order, red for Unavailable). If you do not wish to see Material Availability tools (highlighting, icons, messaging) it can be turned off in User> Settings.

At the bottom right of the screen you will notice the Full Detailreport and Print icons. Selecting the Full Detail report icon will open a new browser tab and will detail most of the interim calculations that are summarized in the basic Member Report. An explanation of the overall report format and descriptions of certain values are provided below. If TJI web holes are present, the results of their analysis may be found at the very end of the report. Selecting the Print icon will print the report using your browser's printer. In addition to the information listed below, the printed report will also contain a footer, which includes any Job Notes from the Job Settings tab and your ForteWEB Software Operator information (from your User Profile).

NOTE: The Full Detail Report will now display in a pop-up window. Depending on your browser settings, you may need to enable "Show pop-ups" through your browser's site settings.

Horizontal Member Report

The header lists the name of the member, the product you selected for the member, and whether the product passed or failed. There are a variety of rules that will make a design fail.  If any of these rules are broken, they are indicated in red.


The graphic on the report is conceptual only.

Design Results
This section lists the Design results for the member.  Each element of the design results is listed along with the pass/fail percentage for that product.  Below the design results is a list of messages indicating factors that influenced the design results.



Supports and Connectors
The Supports section lists the details of the supports selected for the member being sized, as well as any bearing requirements. This section also contains the Loads to Supports which reports every load class at an unfactored level and also a factored total maximum load.  

Factored loads use load combinations to determine the design load at each support. These loads are typically used to determine bearing accessories when needed.

The connectors section lists the model name and required nailing for metal connectors (if analyzed). You can select a different hanger from the Model column dropdown list. The currently selected connector also displays on the output report and will be saved with the file. Here you can also view information about the support, nails, and accessories.

If ForteWEB software cannot find an appropriate connector, then "Connector Not Found" displays in the Model column. If the product being supported is Parallam® Plus PSL, "Special Hanger Considerations" will display in the Model column. Please see technical literature for sizing metal connectors with Parallam® Plus PSL.

Additional Information can be found by clicking on the link in the Support column to bring up a new window which can aid you in manually selecting a hanger from a catalog. This Connector Support Properties form will display the data that was used to find a connector:


The Bracing grid displays the intervals at which the designed member must be braced along the Top and Bottom edge as specified on the Spans and Supports tab.

When an Attic Joist is designed, the graphic will update to show top and/or bottom bracing (if applicable). If either top and/or bottom bracing is < 12", the graphic will still display bracing as 12". Anything > 12" will be displayed as expected.

Multiple Member Connection
Multiple Member Connections are provided for:

  • Up to four ply Floor and Roof beams oriented in either a flush or dropped condition
  • Structural composite members only (No Glulam, Commodity Lumber or Premium Lumber)
  • Residential and Commercial building class applications
  • Individual ply widths of 1.75” or 3.5” only
  • Applicable member depths of 7.25” to 20” for TimberStrand® LSL and Parallam® PSL ; depths of 7.25" to 24" for Microllam® LVL
  • Non-sloping roof members
  • Preservative Treatment equal to None

Two types of loads will be listed in the Multiple Member Connection solution:

  • Uniform Distributed Loads: Factored uniform loads that extend along the member for the specified length
  • Point Loads: Factored point loads that exceed 1000 lbs. (IBC) or 1400 lbs. (NBC) will be evaluated separately from uniform loads and will be listed individually

Fastener selections for the Multiple Member Connections can be changed through the dropdown shown in the Fastener column.


The loads section lists the details of the loads entered for the member.

When a construction detail is defined for a load location, a detail column will be displayed in the grid.


Other Analyzed Results
If requested, TJI® Web Hole, Location Analysis, Tapered End, and Notch Analysis results are displayed in this location.


Note: Allowed results are permitted to exceed actual results by 2%. (Exceptions are TJ-Pro™ rating and Canadian Vibration control).


For further information see the Loads to Supports, Load Terms Used in the Member Report, Multiple Member Connection Engineering, and The Location Analysis Tab topics.