Material Availability Overview

The features associated with Materials Availability allow you to make informed decisions when selecting materials for design. By quickly seeing what materials are available in your region of the country, you can eliminate the frustration and delay of selecting materials only to find they are Unavailable or Special Order when you or your customer are ready to order.

The two areas to consider when setting up material availability: the default materials to be considered for all jobs, and the available materials for each Job.

Setting up your default materials, viewing availability, and making changes is done in Materials Manager. This list should not change often, as it is intended to reflect the material preferences and availability for the region of the country where most of your work is done.

At the job level, you can view availability for each job built outside of your typical region of the country without needing to change Materials Manager selections. For example, if your Materials Manager reflects availability in Seattle, WA but you are working on a job that will be built in Boston, MA, you can enter the Boston zip code on the Job Settings tab and any items that are Unavailable or Special Order will be indicated as such on the Product Selection and Solution tabs.

It is important to note that the material selections made in Materials Manager will control the display of available materials for Material Availability at the job level. For example, if a material is turned off (i/e. unchecked) in Materials Manager it will not be displayed on the Product Selection tab, regardless of if it is available in the zip/ postal code defined on the Job Settings tab.

How is availability determined?

The material availability information displayed in ForteWEB for the Trus Joist product lines is based on Weyerhaeuser distribution information provided by the Product Managers for each product line.

Commodity items and products supplied by third-party vendors are not managed by Trus Joist and are generally considered available materials in all markets.

ForteWEB refreshes material availability data daily so that the information provided to you is current.

For questions about Material Availability and Special Order products, please contact your local Trus Joist representative.