Getting Started

When you first log in to ForteWEB, you will be shown the User Profile dialog. This will only display the first time after registering with ForteWEB, however, you can update your information or change your password at any time by clicking on the User icon and selecting User Profile.

Once your profile is completed, ForteWEB opens on the File Manager screen where you can create, copy, or delete jobs, import a job, or create and delete folders. New jobs are added by entering the New File at the top of the screen and clicking Create.

The new job will open and display the Job Tree on the left, and the Job Settings tab to the right. The Job Tree allows you to navigate through your job, from member to member, to each level, and up to the root of the Job. You may also use the Job Tree to add members, duplicate members, as well as delete members and levels.

The Job Settings tab is where you will set the Building Code and Connector Manufacturer. If you are using an IBC Building Code, you can make adjustments to your Load Duration Factors here as well. After making your selections, you can click on Save as Default to retain your changes as defaults for future jobs. The Building Code can only be changed if there are no members in the project. If you would like to change your Displayed Units of Measure, click on the User icon and select Settings.

From here you can begin to add items to the job. Clicking Add Level will add levels to the Job Tree. Level names can be changed by hovering over the Level name until the Edit icon appears. Click on the icon and enter the new level name, then press Enter to save.

Once you have established your levels, you may select a level and begin adding members to it. This will be your major activity in the software: adding members to levels, designating their properties, designing them, and viewing the output reports. To add members to the job, click on the level you want to add to and select Add Member .The left pane will display the Member Types available for inclusion. After choosing a member type, the pane will return to the Job Tree view and you will be on the Member Info tab . You can change the level that members reside on by dragging and dropping in the Job Tree. To edit a member name, hover over the name until the Edit icon appears. Click on the icon and enter the new member name, then press Enter to save.

For each member, navigate through each tab to adjust spans and loads, account for any member holes, select products for design, choose a solution, and view member reports. If, while on any tab, you would like additional information, click on the Help dropdown at the top of the screen and select Help.  This is a context sensitive link, meaning it will bring you to the help topic related to that tab.

For more information on the tabs, navigate to the following topics:

To return to the File Manager, click on the File Manager icon at the top of the screen. To end your session, click on User and select Logout. Your files are saved automatically. Your session will automatically time out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

If you would like to specify the products available for design you may do so through Materials Manager, which is located under the User dropdown at the top of your screen. This will allow you to limit your selections to only products available in your region.

Creating a desktop shortcut and Bookmarking ForteWEB

Adding a shortcut to your desktop and adding a bookmark for ForteWEB to your browser are easy ways to quickly access ForteWEB.

Make sure is what you bookmark. Bookmarking any other location within the application can have unexpected results.